Lorna L. Bigsby, Divorce, Family & Collaborative Law Attorney

The Law Office of Lorna L. Bigsby

In the office of Lorna L. Bigsby, we bring a caring and highly personal approach to our clients involved with divorce, separation, paternity, child custody/parenting plans, child and spousal support, property division, and related legal issues affecting their personal and family relationships. We understand that every such case presents unique emotional and financial challenges. We pride ourselves on giving each client the highest level of personal guidance and support, based on a thoughtful and thorough exploration of their individual needs and goals. We work hard to minimize the stress, anxiety, uncertainty and conflict that can arise in this legal arena, where the personal stakes are so high. Many firms say this, but we live it with our clients every day.

We think you will find us both caring and approachable, but that is not all we bring to our work with and for you. We are also experienced and diligent advocates who never lose sight of the long term impacts of what we do. Whether the focus is the division of your substantial family estate, creation of a workable parenting arrangement, or establishing financial support, we have the capacity to educate and guide you. And whether you decide to collaborate, mediate, or litigate, we will be there to lead and/or support you through your chosen legal process to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Part of our job as your counsel is to help you understand your legal rights and obligations under Washington law. Once you have a good grasp of what is legally possible, you are in a good position to choose a process that meets your individual goals, and begin to visualize a positive outcome.

We will help you select a legal process for decision making that best meets your individual circumstances and personal goals, and has the greatest potential to provide the outcome you seek, including:

  • Litigation: This is the court-centered process where decisions are primarily handed down by court commissioners and judges. (more information)
  • Mediation: In this process, decision making is assisted and disputes resolved with the aid of a neutral third party in a private office or conference room setting. (more information)
  • Collaboration: When parties choose collaborative divorce, they commit to work together to find uniquely personal solutions to their dispute, aided by independent counsel, but specifically without court intervention. (more information)
  • Unbundled Services: This is an available option for a party wanting assistance with a limited aspect of a divorce or other family law matter, such as representation for a specific hearing, document drafting, or “coaching” behind the scenes. (more information)
Process alternatives now available mean that resentment and hostility need not be expected outcomes of divorce.

To learn more about the scope of our divorce, family law, and collaborative practice and the variety of process choices available to you, contact attorney Lorna L. Bigsby in Everett, Washington.